What do you think if poker the game of luck or skill? This is one question that is often debated. But today, I will try to clear that poker actually is the game of skill & not luck. Let us look at some reasons as why playing poker at Judi Online is the game of skill & not luck. Now, when you ask same question to most of the people, they will tell you that the poker is the game of luck. However, again when you ask this same question to the professional poker players then they will argue that the poker is the skill game and not luck. Why like this? What do these experts players know that the common people do not know?

When poker is played for the shorter time period, is mainly depended on luck. However, more you play; more poker is the game of skill. Many people will have played the game of poker for just the shorter time frame. However, the expert players will have spent several years in playing this game. As they have played this game for a very long time, so they will tell you poker is the game of skill & not luck. I am going to explain it very clearly in coming sections.


Poker is the Game of Math & Odds

Suppose you have ever played the game of poker, you know the difference it will do with your cards that you compare to your opponents. Suppose cards will affect your game to some degree, it isn’t luck. Yes, there leaves the little amount of luck at a short run. However, possibility stands right in a long run of this game.


Poker is the game of skill

Poker is the game of skill. I have touched on it before. However, what did I mean? It is actually simple. More poker hands that you play, more skill-based your game becomes. As a number of hands that are played reaches infinity, skill needed to win the hands will reach to 100%. Talking logically this isn’t possible.  However, you will get a point. Because, the statistics, math, and odds will stack up at your favor in a long run.


Playing against Good & Bad Players

Generally, any game, which involves luck does not involve good and bad players. So, player without any kind of skill must win this game. However, Poker games involve good & bad players. Decisions it takes in a game matters on an outcome of this game.  The player that will take better decision is much better than player that does not take any good decision.